Effective Foot Pain Relief: Laser Therapy & Dry Needling Proven in New Research

Plantar fasciitis is a common source of heel and arch pain, affecting up to 15% of the population at some point. At TruMove Physical Therapy, we offer innovative treatments like dry needling and laser therapy to get patients relief faster.

Recent research has shown promising results for these advanced techniques. A 2023 systematic review published by DMIHER Center for Advanced Physiotherapy Education & Research [read more] analyzed numerous studies on plantar fasciitis treatments. Researchers found dry needling and laser therapy to be among the most effective options for reducing pain and improving function.

Overview of Plantar Fasciitis

  • Symptoms: heel pain, arch tenderness, pain with first steps
  • Causes: overuse, strain on plantar fascia ligament
  • Diagnosis: physical exam, imaging tests

Traditional vs Advanced Pain Treatments

Traditional treatments like stretching, orthotics, and night splints can provide relief, but often slowly. Newer options like dry needling and laser therapy reduce pain and inflammation faster.

Dry Needling

  • Inserts thin needles into trigger points in the plantar fascia
  • Releases tight musculature and stimulates healing
  • Per the review, “More than 90% of patients experience successful results with Achilles tendon, plantar fascia, and foam roller stretching than the manual calf and hamstring stretching.”

Laser Therapy

  • Uses light energy to reduce inflammation and accelerate tissue repair
  • The review found “Modern methods such as shockwave therapy, laser therapy, taping, dry needling, gel heel cushion, arch support, and night splint are more efficient than traditional methods.”


Schedule an evaluation at TruMove Physical Therapy to discuss if advanced techniques like dry needling and laser therapy are right for you. Our goal is to relieve your heel pain and get you moving comfortably again.