Understanding Physical Therapy Costs: A Simple Guide for Informed Healthcare Decisions

Understanding the Cost of Physical Therapy: A Simple Guide

Going to physical therapy can help you feel better, but it costs money. A book called “Decoding the Cost of Physical Therapy” explains the costs in an easy, helpful way.

How Location Affects Cost

Where you live affects how much physical therapy costs. On average across the whole country, each appointment costs about $162. But in Kansas it’s cheaper at around $61 per visit.

Ways to Lower Your Costs

There are a few ways you can lower the cost of physical therapy:

– Pay cash instead of using health insurance – This allows more flexibility and sometimes results in discounts

– Use a health savings account (HSA) – An HSA lets you pay with pre-tax dollars

– Ask if there are discounted rates for paying cash – Some clinics offer lower prices for patients not using insurance

– Look into programs that help pay medical bills – There are organizations that provide financial aid for treatments

Being an Informed Patient

An important message from the book is to learn about your costs and insurance coverage. This information helps you make good choices for your health. When you understand your options, you can better advocate for yourself.

Full Book Available for Free

Want to learn more about the cost of physical therapy? You can read the whole book “Decoding the Cost of Physical Therapy” for free. It provides a thorough, easy-to-understand guide to this important topic.

Get Personalized Cost Information

If you have specific questions about the cost of physical therapy for your situation, call the TruMove office to speak with our business team. We can review your insurance and resources and walk you through the estimated costs and options for your personalized treatment plan. Schedule your no-cost appointment now at