Deep Tissue Laser Therapy ™ - May The Lightforce Be With You

TruMove Overland Park offers Deep Tissue Lightforce Laser Therapy for pain relief & treatment of inflammation, muscle strains, sprains, and body pain such as back pain, sciatica, disc injuries, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, arthritis, soft tissue damage, sports injuries, TMJ, migraines, carpal tunnel, muscle strains and sprains, tendonitis, tendinosis and more.

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While we may not have any influence on the cinematic epic battle that happened “in a galaxy far, far away,” there is an opportunity for change in the very real struggle against pain and inflammation… and it’s right here in Overland Park. TruMove offers an innovative, FDA-approved technological advancement in pain relief: LightForce® Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.

Who Benefits from Deep Tissue Laser Therapy?

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a modality that effectively reduces inflammation and relieves pain. Whether your condition is chronic, acute, or post-op, if you are experiencing inflammation, laser therapy can help. It is safe, painless and fast. In fact, we’ve had several laser therapy recipients state that they wish their 10-15 minute treatments lasted longer and covered the whole body rather than a localized area – they say that the process felt that good and they noticed immediate pain relief.

Kate Geist had been experiencing significant knee pain that was affecting her quality of life making it very difficult to traverse stairs, get in and out of a car, walk and even sleep. She wanted to avoid medications and surgery, so she had scheduled knee injections even though they would not be covered by her insurance. She was desperate for pain relief. Then she heard about laser therapy at TruMove so she decided to give it a try. She was so pleased with the results that she cancelled the injections. “The treatment feels good – it’s warm and relaxing. I noticed immediate and lasting pain relief. I am able to bend my knees more and now I wake up, walk up and down stairs, and get out of my car without pain.”

Kate isn’t the only one reaping the benefits of laser therapy…there are many others. Laser therapy has proven to be an effective, non-invasive tool for people experiencing neck pain, back pain, sciatica, disc injuries, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, arthritis, soft tissue damage, sports injuries, TMJ, migraines, carpal tunnel, muscle strains and sprains, tendonitis, tendinosis and more.

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What Is Deep Tissue Laser Therapy & How Does It Work?

When we mention using the Force, don’t worry, we aren’t trying to convince you to summon a mysterious, ubiquitous power from a fictional universe to suppress your pain. Although, that would be pretty cool. We’re actually talking about LightForce® Deep Tissue Laser Therapy and, simply put, it utilizes your body’s own healing powers by stimulating cellular activity.

Using a handheld customizable optical delivery system, LightForce® Deep Tissue Laser Therapy generates a response in damaged tissue through photobiomodulation. This process accelerates your natural healing process on a cellular level. A customized laser emission is delivered, one that is appropriate based on your personal characteristics and condition. The treatment causes a temporary increase in local blood circulation and muscle relaxation, promoting healing and reducing pain.

Furthermore, the triggered cellular response from laser therapy doesn’t stop at the clinic. It continues to actively reduce inflammation for 24 hours after treatment. As is the case with most treatments, a one-and-done visit will likely not have the desired lasting effect, however. Even though the reduction in pain and inflammation may be noticeable immediately, best results are typically seen after 3-5 sessions.

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Why Choose Deep Tissue Laser Therapy?

Living in pain can be incredibly cumbersome, debilitating even. We don’t want you to have to rely on medications or injections to manage your pain, especially without an end goal in sight – that’s a very dark and depressing place to be. It is our hope to get you moving and living life without pain or limitations.

At TruMove, we focus on getting to the source, addressing movement dysfunction to reduce pain and prevent future injury….blowing up the Death Star of pain, if you will, in case you haven’t heard enough of the Star Wars metaphors. There are occasions when a patient’s pain limits our ability to effectively treat. In such cases, a tool that assists in light-speeding (literally) the healing process and reducing inflammation is desirable. Laser therapy is a tool that provides an alternative to invasive and potentially harmful procedures, allowing your body to heal naturally, creating an environment for more rapid restoration of function and improved performance.

As always, if you have any questions about your symptoms, available treatments, or how to prevent future injury, please reach out to us or visit our clinic in Overland Park, KS. We have been serving the Kansas City area for over a decade and continue to expand our outreach, always striving for Better Health Through Motion!

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