Summer Nutrition Tips For Your Family

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Emily Pringle, our esteemed team member, and in-house nutrition expert, we gathered valuable insights and tips for maintaining healthy snack habits during the dog days of summer. Dr. Pringle, with her expertise in whole foods and promoting energy in a healthy way, has shared her knowledge to help families make nutritious choices for their kids at home. In this article, we will delve into the advice provided by Dr. Pringle and explore practical strategies for a summer filled with delicious and nourishing snacks.

Planning Ahead for Success: According to Dr. Pringle, one of the keys to fostering healthy eating habits is to work ahead and have a solid plan in place. She recommends buying fruits and vegetables early in the week and cutting them up for easy consumption. By having these healthy options readily available, families can avoid the temptation of reaching for less nutritious alternatives when hunger strikes.

Involving Kids in the Process:
Dr. Pringle emphasizes the importance of involving children in the menu planning and snack preparation process. “When kids have a say in what they eat, they are more likely to enjoy and embrace nutritious options,” she explains. By spending time together to create a healthy menu, parents can empower their children to make informed choices and develop a sense of ownership over their food.

Fun and Healthy Summer Snacks:
When it comes to selecting snacks, Dr. Pringle encourages families to find options that are both enjoyable and nutritious. She suggests exploring creative snack ideas and turning to resources like Pinterest for inspiration. From homemade frozen fruit bars to colorful vegetable skewers to energy bites, there are plenty of fun and easy-to-make snacks that kids will love.  Or, if you’re busy running from activity to activity, don’t be afraid to keep it simple!  Apple slices & nut butter, baby carrots & hummus, high-quality beef sticks, and minimally processed crackers with a cup of guacamole are all good options.

Staying Hydrated in the Heat:
Proper hydration is crucial during the hot summer months. Dr. Pringle advises parents to encourage their children to drink water throughout the day. For those who prefer flavored drinks, she recommends choosing options with minimal added sugar if possible.  Look for options that use more natural sweeteners like monk fruit or stevia and minimize artificial sweeteners and colors when you can. Don’t be afraid to explore naturally-infused water recipes using real fruits and herbs. Discovering whether kids enjoy ice water can also make staying hydrated a more enjoyable experience.

Balancing Treats and Nutrition:
While summer brings opportunities for treats and indulgences, Dr. Pringle reminds us to strike a balance between providing nutritious snacks and allowing occasional treats. “By offering a variety of healthy options regularly, families can enjoy occasional indulgences guilt-free,” she explains. Portion sizes and moderation are key to promoting a healthy relationship with food.

Enjoying the Summer and Embracing Flexibility:
Dr. Pringle emphasizes the importance of enjoying the summer and embracing flexibility. “While it’s crucial to prioritize healthy eating, it’s equally important to savor the season and create positive experiences with food and family,” she advises. Parents are encouraged not to stress excessively about every meal or snack choice but instead focus on providing a mix of nutritious options and opportunities for enjoyment.


As the dog days of summer unfold, maintaining healthy eating habits for kids at home becomes a priority. By planning ahead, involving children in the decision-making process, and offering fun and nutritious snacks, parents can promote positive food choices. Remember to stay hydrated, strike a balance between treats and nutrition, and embrace the joy of the season.

At TruMove, we are proud to have Dr. Emily Pringle as our in-house nutrition expert. Her extensive knowledge and dedication to promoting healthy eating habits make her an invaluable resource for families seeking personalized nutrition guidance. Contact us today to start your journey towards better nutrition and a healthier you. Let Dr. Pringle help you create a personalized plan that will ensure your family’s summer is filled with nourishing and delicious snacks.