A Real Pain in the Neck

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Watch Top 3 Treatments for Neck Pain

We may joke around about undesirable things being “a real pain in the neck,” but for any of you in Overland Park KS, the greater Kansas City area, or anywhere for that matter who have experienced acute or chronic neck pain, you know that it is no joking matter. The symptoms of neck pain can range from minor nuisances to completely debilitating, negatively affecting your quality of life. Perhaps you have already tried multiple avenues in Overland Park and Kansas City in search of relief from your neck pain including chiropractic care, acupuncture, and non-movement-based physical therapy, but are still suffering with neck pain symptoms. If so, your hope of finding relief may be dwindling and as pain worsens over time, frustration sets in. Thankfully, there is a simple way to find relief.


TruMove in Overland Park KS has been serving the Kansas City area for over a decade, providing patients with relief from their neck pain through a variety of physical therapy treatment options. However, it doesn’t end with physical therapy. We take a predictive care approach. Arming patients at our Overland Park KS clinic and throughout the Kansas City area with proper movement-based exercises and education, not only are neck pain symptoms reduced but the likelihood for future neck pain or injury is drastically lowered as well.


While sources of neck pain vary, there are causes that seem to be more prevalent than others including poor posture, repetitive activities, prolonged positions, and sudden trauma. Adults ages 30-50 years are most likely to be affected by neck pain and women are typically more susceptible than men. Neck pain symptoms include pain when looking over a shoulder, inability to rotate or bend the neck, or inability to remain in one position for a long period of time. Neck pain may be sharp, stabbing, dull, aching, throbbing or tingling. It can even lead to tension headaches. Neck pain also may refer to the jaw, upper back, shoulders, arms or hands.


Unless the pain is severe, many people will try to simply “ride it out,” hoping for the pain to dissipate on its own. Chiropractic care, massage, or non-movement-based physical therapy may be their next choice, but those treatment services are typically not going to provide a long-term solution to the underlying issue(s). Most often, movement limitations are the culprit. Therefore, movement assessment, education, and proper application tend to yield the most effective treatment solution. It will not only provide relief from current pain, but by taking a proactive and predictive approach, it will ideally prevent future pain and injury as well.

Watch Top 3 Treatments for Neck Pain

Fortunately, most neck pain does not require surgery. There are several ways to find relief, reduce any current neck pain and prevent future flare-ups. Try to maintain good posture, keeping the spine and head in proper alignment. Use proper body mechanics when lifting, pushing, pulling or performing any action that puts added stress on your spine. Keep your muscles strong and flexible, maintain a healthy weight and keep moving! Physical activity will improve your fitness level and emotional state of mind, keeping you healthier and happier.

If you have any questions about your neck pain symptoms, available treatments, or how to prevent future injury, please reach out to us or visit our clinic in Overland Park KS. We have been serving the Kansas City area for over a decade and continue to expand our outreach, always striving for Better Health Through Motion!