Kelly Hennes

Kelly has spent nearly 19 years in her career as a physical therapist.  She was driven early on in sports and quickly realized that with sports, comes injuries.  It was during these moments that Kelly realized that a career in physical therapy was for her.

Kelly received her undergraduate degree in Biology while playing basketball at Pittsburg State.  A couple of season ending injuries allowed her to enjoy basketball as a coach on the sidelines.  She gained a ton of perspective and learned how to coach and motivate while rehabilitating from these injuries.  This also furthered her desire to become a physical therapist.

She then went on to Wichita State where she received her Masters in Physical Therapy.  During these years, she was introduced to the sport of Triathlon and fell in love with the training and the diversity.  “I found that athletes come in all shapes and sizes, all levels of motivation, many different backgrounds and I was hooked.  This collection of people is so welcoming and endearing.”

Kelly has been able to use her history as a patient, her training with runners and triathletes to further understand her place as a physical therapist.  “I believe there is a bit of an athlete in all of us, even it it’s just to get off the couch and walk to the fridge without pain.  I feel that I understand movement and have the ability to motivate patients to achieve their goals.”  She has a deep understanding of movement and training and can assess patient needs.  She also has extensive training in manual therapy, which enables her to address any underlying tissue or joint restrictions that contribute to pain.

At this point in her life, she loves doting on her 2 young daughters and looks forward to coaching them in whatever activity they choose.  She is married and lives in Lee’s Summit where she runs, rides her bike and swims when the weather permits.   She is looking forward to continuing her growth as a PT with further education and training.