Ethan McCoy

With a passion to serve patients of all ages, from all walks of life, Ethan has a deep appreciation for TruMove’s functional, whole-body approach.  “Whether patients are simply trying to get through daily tasks around the house or wanting to compete at the top of their game in highly-competitive sporting events, everyone deserves the opportunity to do so without the limitations of pain.  It is my mission to do everything I can to treat and equip them to make those goals become reality.

A Kansas native, Ethan grew up in the small town of Eureka participating in a variety of sports.  His love for sports transitioned into a desire to help athletes achieve and maintain high performance levels.  He did so as an Athletic Trainer.  Soon realizing the impact he could have on the lives of not only athletes, but anyone who was searching for relief from pain and wanting to get back to living/performing without those limitations, he dove in to physical therapy and has never looked back.  Ethan immerses himself in research on new and innovative treatments, always searching for ways to push forward, continue to improve, and provide the best care available for his patients.