Giving Pain the Cold Shoulder

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Whether it is acute or chronic, shoulder pain can significantly impact your daily life, turning even the simplest tasks into big challenges as your arm mobility is reduced. If symptoms go unchecked and you do not receive proper treatment, shoulder pain is likely to continue to increase along with range of motion limitations in the shoulder joint. At TruMove, it is our desire to allow you to stay active while minimizing your pain and preventing future injury.

Whether it is acute or chronic, shoulder pain can significantly impact your daily life, turning the simplest tasks into big challenges as your arm mobility is reduced. At TruMove, we are here to help alleviate shoulder pain and hopefully prevent future injury through movement-based exercises.


Unless there is significant trauma to the area (e.g. rotator cuff or labral tear, fracture, joint separation or dislocation), typically shoulder surgery can be avoided with appropriate physical therapy treatment. To prevent pain from progressing and to curtail any further damage, time is of the essence. With a multitude of treatment options available and a growing number of clinics in Kansas City and more specifically Overland Park KS, deciding on the appropriate source to alleviate your shoulder pain symptoms can be a bit overwhelming. When you throw massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic clinics into the mix, you may begin to feel that you are drowning in a sea of options.

So, how do you wade through all of the shoulder pain treatment options and still keep your head above water, eyes fixed on the horizon of restored health? Who can you trust to direct you down the right path, providing appropriate treatment and giving you the greatest shot at a full recovery? Is it your family doctor, a surgeon, a physical therapist, a chiropractic specialist, your mom, or that opinionated guy at the gym who had a similar injury 10 years ago and just won’t stop talking about it?

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While there is value in gaining insight from multiple angles on any matter, if you’re ready to take a more direct route and move forward with confidence, look no further. TruMove has become a trusted source in Overland Park KS, successfully serving the Kansas City area for over a decade. Our patients, shoulder pain patients included, find relief through a variety of Physical Therapy and/or Priority Care treatment options.


While the causes of shoulder pain vary, there are some “usual suspects” that seem to be more prevalent than others. These culprits include: poor posture, repetitive activities (e.g. lifting, reaching, typing, overhead movements), overuse leading to movement impairments, sudden trauma (e.g. falls, collisions, sports injuries), and poor rotator cuff or shoulder blade strength. Perhaps your shoulder pain stems from one of these sources or it can be the result of a combination of pain-inducing factors. Even if the pain is resulting from misalignment or dislocation of the shoulder joint itself, once proper alignment is restored, physical therapy can help in reducing pain and regaining range of motion, strengthening and stabilizing the shoulder muscles around the joint.


Just as there are a variety of causes of shoulder pain, there are differences in symptom presentation as well. Shoulder pain can refer to the neck, middle back, elbow, arm and hand. You may experience restricted shoulder motion when reaching overhead, behind the body, or to the side, signaling that something is preventing proper function of the joint. Your shoulder pain may occur while sleeping on the affected side, throwing, or reaching. While numbness, tingling and/or burning can sometimes signal nerve irritation, that is not always the perpetuator. Often some of the pain stems from muscular trigger points near the shoulder joint.


The good news: Regardless of your symptoms or their cause, receiving treatment and/or a customized exercise program from a physical therapist can often do wonders in minimizing shoulder pain, restoring mobility, and maximizing function. The great news: There are many things that you yourself can do to reduce shoulder pain and even prevent future injuries.

Watch Top 3 Treatments for Shoulder Pain

Maintaining proper strength in the shoulder and shoulder blade muscles is key in preventing injury. When reaching and throwing, be aware of your posture and shoulder alignment, correcting them as necessary. Avoid forward-head and rounded-shoulder postures when working at a computer, texting or driving for prolonged periods of time. Keep your muscles flexible by regularly stretching the shoulders, neck and middle back. Finally, if possible, keep moving—physical activity will improve your fitness level and emotional state of mind. Don’t let shoulder pain dictate your ability and/or activity—give pain the cold shoulder.

If you have any questions about your shoulder pain symptoms, available treatments, or how to prevent future injury, please reach out to us or visit our clinic in Overland Park KS. We have been serving the Kansas City area for over a decade and continue to expand our outreach, always striving for Better Health Through Motion!